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In addition to writing, Dr. Bill Shade actively serves as a Bible teacher, evangelist and conference minister both in this country and abroad.

After completing training at Philadelphia Bible Institute and Wheaton College, Dr. Shade began serving in 1956 with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission in Southeastern Kentucky. He also became pastor of McRoberts Missionary Baptist Church where he served for eight years, later receiving his Doctorate from Toledo Bible College & Seminary.

In 1964, Dr. Shade moved to York, Pennsylvania, where he founded and directed the Grace and Truth Evangelistic Association. Through the Association, he was active in radio and television ministry, evangelistic campaigns, and conference and camp ministries. He was the founder and director of Teen Encounter, Camp of the Nations and founded Wayside Maternity Home for unwed mothers. He also directed a project that prepared curriculum for World-Wide Bible Institutes, a program which organizes Bible institutes in local churches and mission stations around the world.

Dr. Shade has served for eighteen years with Source of Light Ministries International, eight as General Director of this world-wide ministry.  In 2013 he became Director of the Advanced Studies Department which administers both the WWBI program and Ezra Institute.  Dr. Shade's life story was dramatized on the radio program "Unshackled"

               Dr. Bill Shade

Dr. Bill Shade

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  1. And, Dr. Shade was my second “boss” (my dad was my first) just out of college.and was one of my Favorites.. He reminded me one day that when I became a new person In Christ, that Jesus’ death on the cross paid for my past, present And Future sins, and that I could freely serve Him with no condemnation.. Very soon after, a lightbulb went off in my brain, in my heart and I had an insatiable desire for God’s Wird that I have to this day, now FORTY YEARS later <3 Thank you, Dr. Shade And "Ms." RubyShade <3


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